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Image Solution



Business head-shot/portrait

Business head-shot/portrait: 

  • $25 / release digital photo (retouched full size) for your rights to print or post

  • No deposit is required for your booked session

On-Location Photography

On-Location Photography:

  • $75 / first hour

  • Your photography session such as family activities, business meeting/conference, festival, wedding can be at one of my preferred outdoor venues or at a location of your choosing within Greater Moncton. 

  • Professional retouched digital photos (collection by photographer) with your rights to print or post. 

  • $50 / additional hour
  • $50 non-refundable deposit is required for your booked session

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography :

  • $250 / session of two hours in one of the nice hotel room within Greater Moncton

  • Outfits at your own arrangement

  • 20 professional retouched digital photos

  • Release digital files for your rights to print/post (your photos are absolutely in private)

  • Hairstyle and makeup at your own arrangement 

  • $50 non-refundable deposit is required for your booked seat

  • Visit the Boudoir galley here (ATTENTION: PHOTOS ARE ADULT CONTENT)


Photography Courses

Photography Courses : $25/hour

  • Whenever you take photos for fun as well as your passion, you need to learn more skills and tools, you need to master photography from exposure, composition, lighting,  and so on. I'd help you to be more creative with your camera and to discover more exotic and amazing locations  ...

  • One-on-One course: session of one hour for learning, practicing and having criticism reviews to all photos of the day

  • Location : meeting at Bumblebee Photo Studio 101 Arlington Drive and getting around Moncton area

Photoshop & Lightroom Courses

Photoshop & Lightroom Courses : $25/hour

  • One-on-One course: session minimum 1 hour

  • Equipment Required: Laptop/desktop with Photoshop or Lightroom

  • Level: Entry level

  • Location :  Bumblebee Photo Studio 101 Arlington Drive, Moncton 



101 Arlington Drive, Moncton, NB, Canada E1E 3H9

Hotline : +1-506-866-0735